Threat to Criminal Justice Officials: The Mayerthorpe and Lakeland Murders

The RCMP officers in Mayerthorpe were ambushed on March 3, 2005.  This was a planned attack complete with a stealth approach, not a case of an individual snapping.  In the mind of James ROSZKO this was an inevitable event, a time that had to come and was an act of instrumental violence as opposed to impulsive violence.

Dr. Matt Logan was the first Criminal-Investigative Psychologist in the RCMP.  He was present at Mayerthorpe and wrote the Psychological Autopsy on Roszko.  Retired S/Sgt. Logan explains the process of focusing on individuals in the community who are dangerous to Criminal Justice Officials.

This 1 hour seminar discusses a number of similar incidents in Canada and the USA and lays out a strategy based on FBI research and police experience.

The knowledge we now have, post-event, on the potential for violence and level of dangerousness was something our members were not armed with on March 3, 2005.  This tragic event has again surfaced a need to employ intelligence led policing and to take it into the area of determining risk and threat to police, corrections, judges, lawyers, court officials, and the families of our criminal justice partners

We have the ability via actuarial measures, empirical data, and meta-analyses to extract the key factors that predict risk.