Inside the Mind of the Predator

This seminar not only illuminates the mindset of the predator but also reveals how the police or corrections officer can use counter-intuitive strategies to gain insight on this type of offender.  Relational skills along with forensic insight are emphasized in this 1-day seminar that includes videotaped interviews with offenders.

Predators are individuals whose immediate need gratification is paramount.  They do not possess, or choose not to use empathy as they get their needs met.  There is little consequential thinking or remorse involved in their thought process. 

Those in policing and corrections encounter these individuals on a daily basis.  Many predators are psychopathic and camouflage themselves in a very charming and believable cloak.  They are able to con and manipulate intelligent people and are the offenders who seduce and ensnare the most vulnerable and naive of our population.  As we gather intelligence and seek to profile them, they are doing the same thing with us.