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Oct 16, 2010
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The website of Dr. Matt Logan and the HALO Forensic Behavioural Specialists is now up and running.


Welcome to the HALO website where you will find information on HALO Forensic Behavioural Specialists. Dr. Matt Logan, along with Drs. Hare & O’Toole collaborate in seminars and workshops on psychopathy and the applications to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.

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- Dr. Hare

The Woodsman: An interactive exploration of the Pedophile

Presentation Abstract

Although this movie is not entirely authentic in its presentation of the pedophile, it does allow investigators within the Criminal Justice system a look into the mind of the child sex offender.

Psychologists Teal Maedel and Matt Logan facilitate discussion about deviance, fantasy, crime cycle, and interviewing technique using selected clips from this movie.

Teal Maedel, is the Criminal-Investigative Psychologist with the RCMP Behavioural Sciences group. A former psychologist with the Correctional Service of Canada, she has also worked as a parole officer, community development officer and victim liaison officer. Ms. Maedel has offered training to the police on interviewing high risk offenders, sexual deviancy and behavioural progression.

Dr. Matt Logan has worked on both sides of the fence. A former Police Officer and Correctional Psychologist, he is able to show how the judicial system working together can reduce sexual victimization. The Breach of a Condition can be presented to the Judge by Crown Counsel as an interruption of a crime cycle if the partners in Criminal Justice understand behavioural progression.