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Oct 16, 2010
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The website of Dr. Matt Logan and the HALO Forensic Behavioural Specialists is now up and running.


Welcome to the HALO website where you will find information on HALO Forensic Behavioural Specialists. Dr. Matt Logan, along with Drs. Hare & O’Toole collaborate in seminars and workshops on psychopathy and the applications to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.

Quick Links:

- Dr. Hare

Relationship-Based Conflict Management: Bridge Building 101

This 1-2 day presentation is a synopsis of Dr. Logan’s graduate studies course in Conflict Management at the University of Victoria and Trinity Western University in British Columbia. The presentation includes the following topics:

This is presented with examples from hostage negotiation and a belief in “bringing people to their senses, not to their knees” and by “winning them over, rather than winning over them”.