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Oct 16, 2010
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The website of Dr. Matt Logan and the HALO Forensic Behavioural Specialists is now up and running.


Welcome to the HALO website where you will find information on HALO Forensic Behavioural Specialists. Dr. Matt Logan, along with Drs. Hare & O’Toole collaborate in seminars and workshops on psychopathy and the applications to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.

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- Dr. Hare

Dr. Mary Ellen O’Toole

 Mary Ellen O’Toole, PhD is recognized as one of the FBI’s preeminent experts in the areas of criminal, violent and aberrant behavior. Dr. O’Toole’s exemplary law enforcement career began in the San Francisco’s District Attorney’s Office as a Criminal Investigator and spans over 32 years. She was an FBI agent for 28 years, working more than half of her Bureau career in the organization’s prestigious Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).

As one of the senior and most accomplished agents in the Unit. Dr. O’Toole consulted on many of the FBI’s most high profile and complex criminal cases, as well as white collar and political corruption cases. Dr O’Toole has consulted with law enforcement agencies throughout the world on crimes of violence and other criminal behavior. During her time in the unit, Dr O’Toole developed an expertise in Criminal Investigative Analysis (CIA) as well as offender behavior. She has provided assistance to law enforcement and prosecutors on a wide range of violent and criminal behavior including homicides, sexual assaults, kidnappings, product tampering, school shootings and extortions. Dr. O'Toole has a unique expertise in the areas of targeted school violence, workplace violence and threat assessment.

Dr O’Toole is recognized as the FBI’s leading expert in the area of “psychopathy”. Her work in psychopathy has put her on the forefront of mental health and law enforcement efforts to apply the concepts of this personality disorder to both violent and white collar offenders and their behavior and crime scenes. She lectures internationally on the application of the theory of psychopathy to real life situations.

Dr. O’Toole is a much sought after speaker who has addressed multidisciplinary audiences from both the private and public sectors. She continues to lecture at the FBI Academy on psychopathy and interviewing. She has served as adjunct faculty to the FBI’s Prestigious Leadership Development Institute (LDI) at the FBI Academy. While serving as an FBI Agent, Dr. O’Toole has been qualified as an expert witness for both the prosecution as well as defense counsel in high profile murder cases in the areas of crime scene assessment, criminal investigative analysis and offender behavior.

Dr. O’Toole is the FBI’s primary researcher and author of The School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective available @ Her other publications and writings are in the areas of psychopathy, targeted school violence, threat assessment and stalking, serial murder, child abduction and CIA.

Dr. O’Toole represented the FBI in her media appearances on Larry King Live, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, Forensic Files, Investigative Channel, Discovery Channel and National Public Radio. She is currently an analyst with MSNBC for their new series “Criminal Mindscape” which aired November 8, 2009 and will be featured in an upcoming documentary for the Smithsonian Channel entitled True Stories: Silence of the Lambs.