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Oct 16, 2010
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The website of Dr. Matt Logan and the HALO Forensic Behavioural Specialists is now up and running.


Welcome to the HALO website where you will find information on HALO Forensic Behavioural Specialists. Dr. Matt Logan, along with Drs. Hare & O’Toole collaborate in seminars and workshops on psychopathy and the applications to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.

Quick Links:

- Dr. Hare

    PCL-R Workshops with Dr. Robert Hare (2010 – 2014)

June, 2014PCL-R Workshop, The Crane Resort, Barbados
September 2012PCL-R Workshop, Honolulu, Hawaii
March 2011PCL-R Workshop Palo Alto, CA
September 2010Psychopathic Predator Workshop, Bern, Switzerland
April 2010Psychopathy Symposium, Denver, Co.
Januar, 2010PCL-R Workshop, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
January 2010Psychopathy Seminar for Calgary PS, Calgary, Alberta
January 2010PCL-R Workshop, Jakarta, Indonesia

November, 2014Leader Impact Weekend, Whistler, BC
September, 2014Interpol Presentation, Bermuda
June, 2014Santa Clara County Mental Health, San Jose, CA
May, 2014Psychopathy Symposium with Mary Ellen O’Toole Ph.D. Austin, Texas
March, 2014Extracting Information: Interviewing 201 UBC Kelowna
November, 2013Smoky Mountain Criminal Justice Conference, Tennessee
May, 2013PCL-R Update Forensic Unit Training for Expert Evidence, Office of the Attorney General Seattle, Washington
December, 2012Interviewing 201: A Forum for Law Enforcement with Mary Ellen O’Toole Ph.D., JIBC – New Westminster, BC
September, 2012PCL-R Workshop, Honolulu, Hawaii
April 2012Psychopaths, Serial Killers, and Predators: A Forum for Law Enforcement with Mary Ellen O’Toole (FBI Ret’d), JIBC – New Westminster, BC
January 2012Psychopathy , Medical Conference Reykjavik, Iceland
October 2011CAAMP Fraud Summit, Toronto, ON
October 2011CAAMP Fraud Summit, Vancouver, BC
September 2011RCMP Psychopathy Seminar, 100 Mile House, BC
June 2011Forensic Trends Conference, Washington DC
December 2010MHD Learning Partnership, San Jose, CA
November 2010Police Undercover Workshop, Red Deer, Alberta
October 2010St. Francis Hospital Grand Rounds, San Francisco, CA
October 2010Zebra Child Protection Seminar Edmonton, Alberta
June 2010Child Protection Conference Brisbane, Australia
May 2010Queensland Police Detectives – Psychopathy - Brisbane & Cairns, Australia
May 2010Child Protection Conference, Calgary, Alberta
April 2010“Fishing Upstream – Early intervention with Youth”. A Symposium with Glenn Flett (Lifer), FV Criminal Justice Conference, Abbotsford, BC
April 2010Community Forum for Law Enforcement with Dr. Mary Ellen O’Toole (FBI Ret’d), Abbotsford, BC
April 2010Psychopathy Forum for Law Enforcement with Mary Ellen O’Toole (FBI Ret’d) & FBI SSA, Kathleen Canning
March 2010Santa Clara Grand Rounds, San Jose, CA
January 2010RCMP Sex Offender Registry REVC Training, Ottawa, ON